About Us


Shava Food Enterprises is an innovative Zimbabwean catering company that possesses an amalgamation of skill & expertise in the regional catering industry and takes pride in merging preparation of Heartfelt Meals & supremacy in service provision. The company first established in 2016 is wholly owned by Zimbabwean nationals that play a crucial part in the day to day running of the business and have over 20 years of executive & professional experience in the Customer service & hospitality field. Within the first year of operation, SHAVA FOODS managed to successfully penetrate through the Zimbabwean catering industry seeing the firm rise to become amongst the most preferred caterers within the Zimbabwean borders. SHAVA’s expansion from just Live Event Entertainment Catering into Corporate Mobile Food Deliveries as well as partnering up with local corporate giants within the Funeral Service sector has seen the firm gaining recognition & mass media attention on a national level. To date, SHAVA FOODS is leading the pioneering of web-based service provision of the catering industry within the region and easing the burden for clients with events but are unavailable or have little to no time to sit down with their caterer.


To merge heartfelt meals with supremacy in service provision in a tech-based timely manner whilst assuming quality and to ensure that our services are exceedingly excellent across all measures.

Business Philosophy

To maintain good corporate citizenship & corporate responsibility, Shava Foods strives to be Ethical, Honest, Prudent and Transparent.

Additionally, Shava Foods prides itself in putting Client & Staff needs at the highest level of priority as the satisfaction of these two stakeholders is at the Core of our organizational culture.


To be the regional caterer of choice and torch bearer of the catering Industry within the SADC region providing affordable catering services in a tech-efficient based fast-flexi manner.

Our Services

  • Live Event & Entertainment
  • Mobile Food Deliveries
  • Corporate Events
  • Family Events
  • Funerals